Jenny Bertrand

Jenny Bertrand

13 Episodes

Jenny Bertrand is an Essentrics Master Trainer and Educator devoted to mentoring and training instructors throughout their levels and helping people feel better in their bodies.

She discovered the Essentrics technique on Rocky Mountain PBS in 2002 and fell in love with the program when her aches and pains from old athletic injuries melted away. She pursued her Essentrics certification in 2012 and introduced live Essentrics classes to the Denver area in 2014. She has led thousands of people in Essentrics group classes and is passionate about sharing this valuable program with students and fellow instructors through workshops, retreats and live teacher trainings.

Jenny earned both her undergraduate degree and Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado. The Colorado native loves spending time with her husband and three children and finding her way to a beach every now and then.

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Jenny Bertrand
  • Full Body Workout with Jenny Bertrand

    Episode 1

    Instructor: Jenny Bertrand
    Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    Pace: Slow, Medium
    Components: All Standing
    Objectives: Balance, Mobility, Range of Motion, Stress Relief
    Focus: Full Body, ankles, Arms, Back, Spine, Calves, Achilles, Shins, Core, Hamstrings, Hips, Shoulders, Waist
    Filmed at: Round Hil...

  • Mobility & Core Strength | 60s Strength & Tone Challenge

    Episode 2

    Standing & Floor | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for a standing and floor workout with an emphasis on mobility and core strength. The floor work will continue to work your legs and core – giving you stability, flexibility, and power!

  • Strength & Flexibility | 60s Strength & Tone Challenge

    Episode 3

    All Standing | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for an all standing, full-body strength and flexibility workout! This workout will safely build strength with control, and challenge you to safely work just beyond your comfort zone.

    Optional Equipment: Chair to support balance

  • Strength & Joint Decompression | 50s Challenge

    Episode 4

    Standing & Floor | 30 min

    Today’s dynamic workout led by Jenny Bertrand will guide you through a full-body core strengthening routine designed to elongate and strengthen the muscles that stabilize the s...

  • ROM & Joint Decompression | Workshop Class | 50s Challenge

    Episode 5

    Standing & Floor | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for this educational workshop style class. Workshop classes are designed to help one gain a stronger sense of body awareness within each class, this will help you not only get more out of each exercise but also provide a solid foundation and fra...

  • ROM & Joint Decompression | 50s Challenge

    Episode 6

    Standing & Floor | 30 min

    Now that your connective tissue is freer, let’s take advantage of this newfound mobility in the joints by increasing our range of motion. Join Jenny for ...

  • Joint Mobility & Tension Release | Flexibility & Mobility Challenge

    Episode 7

    All Standing | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for a joint mobility and balance all-standing workout. This 30-minute all-standing workout is designed to release tension and increase joint mobility through full-body movements with a particular focus on spine, shoulders and hips.

    View the entire Flex...

  • Strength & ROM | Flexibility & Mobility Challenge

    Episode 8

    Standing & Barre | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for a workout that will bring strength to the range of motion of our joints using intention, body weight and eccentric movement.

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  • Improve Your Flexibility | 70s+ Challenge 2022

    Episode 9

    Standing & Barre | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for a full body Essentrics class where you'll continue to improve your flexibility!

    View the entire 70s+ 21-Day Challenge here:

  • Stretch & Joint Release | 50s Challenge 2022

    Episode 10

    All Standing | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for a dynamic series of exercises to help your body go from resisting to releasing.

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  • Strengthen & Tone | 50s Challenge 2022

    Episode 11

    Standing & Floor | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for this full-body class and learn to relax your muscles while you strengthen and tone.

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  • Improve Strength & Mobility | 50s Challenge 2022

    Episode 12

    Standing & Barre | 30 min

    Join Jenny Bertrand for this full-body energy-boosting, joint mobility Essentrics class. Not only will you boost your energy you will also build strength while improving your mobility!

    View the entire 50's 21-Day Challenge here:

  • Energy Boost | 40s Challenge 2022

    Episode 13

    All Standing | 30 min

    In today’s class with Jenny Bertrand, we will continue reinforcing our trademark large body movements to increase blood flow, flush out toxins, and circulate energy-giving nutrients throughout the entire body.

    View the entire 40's 21-Day Challenge here: https://www.essen...