Health Challenges & Programs

1. Browse through our collection of programs and health challenges and choose the one that’s right for you.
Note: Each program has a different focus, objective, level, workout components (standing, floor, barre) and duration (5-30 days).

2. Put your cursor over the program of choice and click on the icon "Add to my List" to save the program. This will ensure easy access to your selected program each time you log in.

3. Lastly, click on the program itself to view all the corresponding workouts included. Begin with Day 1 of the challenge by pressing the play button.
Note: When you log in to Essentrics TV each subsequent day, you will find your program saved in your list on the main page.

  • 15-Day Strengthen & Sculpt Challenge

    1 season

    Strengthen and Sculpt your Body in just 15-days! The workouts selected for this 15-day Challenge will have an extra emphasis on strengthening the muscles in their elongated position. This will help increase your strength, muscle tone & flexibility, all the while improving posture. The nature of ...

  • 15 Days to Get Out of Pain

    1 season

    Get out of pain with these 15 gentle full body stretching and strengthening workouts that will refresh, nourish and revitalize your cells—helping to reduce and alleviate your pain.  
    Do your body a favour and start this program today!

    These 15 Slow-Paced Workouts will help you… 
    • Allevia...

  • Boost Your Energy with Miranda

    1 season

    To create energy in the body, we must activate the mitochondria in each and every muscle cell. Essentrics safely does this by moving the entire body on all planes using large complex movements, ensuring every cell and muscle is activated and engaged.

    Join Miranda’s Boost Your Energy Week to reb...

  • Full Body Strength

    1 season

    Day 1: Live class - Posture and core strength workout with Amanda Cyr : Standing and Floor
    Day 2: Body reshaping and posture workout with Amanda Cyr : Standing and Barre
    Day 3: Abs and back strengthening with Miranda Esmonde-White : Standing and Floor
    Day 4: Full body workout with Jenny ...

  • 5 Days of Barre

    1 season

    Essentrics draws on many of the lengthening principles used in ballet while similarly including Barre exercises. What makes Essentrics® Barre workouts unique is that they to strengthen and stretch your muscles at various angles—resulting in deeper stretches, higher muscle engagement, and more tar...

  • 15 Days of Advanced Toning

    1 season

    The ultimate body shaping program - these workouts will elongate and tone your muscles in every direction and at all angles; resulting in increased definition and strength in just 15 days!

    These advanced toning workouts will help you…  
    • Target and firm every muscle in your body  
    • Defi...

  • 15 Days to get Fit & Healthy

    1 season

    Engage your muscles and joints daily to feel young, healthy, vibrant and balanced! Start this 15-day challenge now to achieve your body’s health potential.

    These balanced workouts will…  
    • Stretch and strengthen all 650 muscles  
    • Increase your flexibility, mobility and range of motion ...

  • 15 Days to Increase your Hip & Hamstring Flexibility

    1 season

    This 15-day challenge will unlock, rebalance and release tightness in your hips, hamstrings, quads and spine, in order to help you achieve your maximum personal level of flexibility.

    These flexibility workouts will…  
    • Stretch and strengthen all 650 muscles  
    • Increase your flexibility,...

  • 15 Days of Toning for Beginners

    1 season

    The perfect way to begin toning and shaping your body - these 15 intro. workouts will help you unlock your body so that you can tap into the workout's full potential for more effective and targeted toning.

    These toning workouts will help you…  
    • Target and firm every muscle in your body  

  • 7 Days to Improve your Posture

    1 season

    In as little as 7 days, you can improve your posture, boost your metabolism, increase your energy and enhance your vitality. This challenge will increase mobility not only in your spine but also throughout your entire body to make you stand taller and look like you've grown a few inches!

    Our p...