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Watch this video and more on Essentrics TV

20s | Toning and Tension Release

Arm & Ab Sculpting with Meg Feeney

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  • Full Body Toning & Body Awareness | 2...

    Standing & Floor | 30 min

    Join Alexa for a class focusing on toning your full body and building body awareness. This class will guide you to mindfully recruit your muscles so that you can use your body to its full potential all while taking care of it!

  • Toning & Release | 20s Challenge

    Standing & Floor | 30 Minutes

    Activate your core, elongate your arms, and sculpt your thighs with this 30-minute standing and mat workout complete with a deep hip and hamstring release.

  • TUESDAY | Cardio Blast with Sasha Alc...

    Instructor: Sasha Alcoloumbre
    Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    Pace: Fast
    Components: Standing and Floor
    Objectives: Cardio, Toning, Strengthening, Weight loss
    Focus: Full Body

    This 45-minute fast-paced standing and floor cardio workout is designed to tone your full body and boost your metabo...