Conditioning for Yoga

Conditioning for Yoga

28 Episodes

This collection of workouts are designed to challenge the capabilities of your full body while building an equal balance between strength and flexibility with a primary focus on the muscles of the back and core. These workouts will not only help to increase muscle tone and endurance but will also move and stretch in your body in new ways bringing a greater range of motion into tight areas and allowing you to become more flexible both on and off your matt.

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Conditioning for Yoga
  • Full Body Toning & Energizing Workout with Sasha Alcoloumbre

    Episode 1

    Instructor: Sasha Alcoloumbre
    Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    Components: Standing, Barre, and Floor
    Objectives: Balance, Energy Boost, Mobility, Range of Motion, Posture, Toning, Strengthening
    Focus: Full Body

    Improve your overall muscle strength & tone and boost your energy with...

  • Full Body Toning with Alexa Leon

    Episode 2

    Instructor: Alexa Leon
    Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing and Floor
    Objectives: Increase Energy, Energy Boost, Toning, Strengthening, Weight Loss, Mobility, Range of Motion, Improve Posture
    Focus: Full Body, Back, Core, Quads, Abs, Hips, Legs, Thighs, Butt, Glutes, Ha...

  • Express Posture Workout with Amanda Cyr

    Episode 3

    Instructor: Amanda Cyr
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium
    Components: All Standing
    Objectives: Improve Posture, Yoga
    Focus: Full Body, Arms, Back, Shoulders

  • SATURDAY | Body Reshaping & Posture with Amanda Cyr

    Episode 4

    Instructor: Amanda Cyr
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing and Barre
    Objectives: Improve Posture, Connective Tissue, Yoga
    Focus: Full Body, Back, Hamstrings, Pectorals, Chest, shoulders

    This all-level, medium-paced workout is designed to shape and strengthen your entire body an...