70s+ | Increase & Maintain Your Range of Motion

70s+ | Increase & Maintain Your Range of Motion

23 Seasons


Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Pace: Slow to Medium

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Your 70s+: The Freedom Years

Our 21-Day Range of Motion Challenge is designed to rekindle the joy of a pain-free and vibrant body — by maintaining strength, energy, and agility for simple daily tasks.

The program specializes in promoting both physical and mental well-being through gentle, low-impact workouts, incorporating coordinated and full-body movements. One of the most remarkable and gratifying aspects of these workouts is how they balance your entire muscular structure, strengthen your bones and support your joints – leaving you feeling rejuvenated and empowered. It's your passport to not just navigating but thriving in your seventies and beyond.

70s+ | Increase & Maintain Your Range of Motion
  • Introduction | 70s+

    Episode 1

    Welcome to your 70s+ 21-Day Challenge!

  • Connective Tissue | 70s+ Challenge

    Episode 2

    Standing & Barre | 30 min

    For today’s class join Miranda-Esmonde-White for a gentle class full body workout that will work on hydrating and loosening your connective tissues, that will maximize your range of motion and reinforce your posture, upper body and balance.

    Great for all ages an...