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Watch this video and more on Essentrics TV

20s | Toning and Tension Release

Day 12 | Live Class Recording | 20s Challenge| Full Body Strength & Flexibility


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  • Day 13 | Calorie Burning & Lower Body...

    Instructor: Gail Garceau
    Level: Advanced
    Pace: Medium, Fast
    Components: Standing and Floor
    Objectives: Cardio, Toning, Strengthening, Weight-loss
    Focus: Abs, Arms, Butt, Glutes, Core, Groin, Hips, Legs, Thighs, Waist, Knees

    This advanced, full-body toning workout is designed to target the glutes...

  • Day 14 | Relaxation Workout

    Instructor: Alexa Leon
    Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    Pace: Slow
    Components: Standing and Floor
    Objectives: Flexibility, Stretching, Restore, Healing, Stress Relief
    Focus: Full Body, Abs, Arms, Back, Spine, Calves, Achilles, Core, Groin, Hamstrings, Hips, IT Band, Legs, Pectorals, Chest, Psoas, Qu...

  • Day 15 | 20s Class: Lengthen & Streng...

    Standing, Barre and Floor

    Today, join Gail for a class focusing on working your body to its potential! Today’s workout will fire up your muscles, build strength with control, and challenge you to safely work just beyond your comfort zone. 

    How to get the most out of this ...