Classical Stretch Season 13

Classical Stretch Season 13

4 Episodes

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Classical Stretch Season 13
  • Season 13 Ep.01 Stretch & Strengthen The Calves

    Episode 1

    Introducing the first episode of Classical stretch 13 filmed at the beautiful Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa in Bermuda! In Episode 1 "Stretch and Strengthen the calves", you'll rebalance the muscle chains of your lower body. In just 23-minutes this gentle standing and barre workout will activa...

  • Season 13 Ep.02 Ab & Back Strengthening

    Episode 2

    In Episode 2 of Classical Stretch Season 13, you will rebalance your full body and strengthen your posture. By loosening, lengthening, and liberating your spine you will feel greater mobility between your vertebrae. This increase in flexibility will allow you to access and activate the full muscu...

  • Classical Stretch Season 13 Ep.03: Standing & Core

    Episode 3

    Strengthen your core and lengthen your full-body with Miranda Esmonde-White. Filmed at the Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, this powerful and dynamic all-standing workout will tone your waist, activate your core, increase your connective tissue elasticity, and leave your back, abs, and spine f...

  • Classical Stretch Season 13 Ep.04: Boost Your Brain

    Episode 4

    Join Miranda in beautiful Bermuda! In this standing & barre workout you’ll be led through a series of large, complex movements that will challenge your balance, strengthen your full body, and stimulate your brain’s neurons and synapses! In this episode you will strengthen your body and activa...