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Season 12 Ep.07: Posture


Up Next in Balance

  • Full Body Workout Vol.3 - Standing Po...

    This is the standing portion of Full Body Workout Vol.3.

    Unlock your body with this deep stretching and strengthening workout. Recommended for all fitness levels. This complete workout is designed to lengthen deep tissue, restore fascia and rebalance your 360 joints for a healthy and flexible ...

  • Season 12 Ep.19: Waist Slenderizing

    This all standing Classical Stretch waist slenderizing workout will strengthen every muscle around your core and waist leaving you longer and leaner.

    Filmed at Round Hill Hotels and Villas
    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White
    Level: Beginner
    Pace: Slow
    Components: All Standing
    Objectives: Balance, ...

  • Season 8 Ep.21: Strength & Flexibilit...

    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Slow
    Components: Standing and Floor
    Objectives: Balance, Mobility, Range of Motion, Toning, Strengthening
    Focus: Arms, Back, Spine, Calves, Achilles, Core, Hands, Wrists, Fingers, Hips, IT band, Legs, Neck, Psoas, Quads, Thighs, Rib...