Back Strength

Back Strength

11 Seasons


Level: All Levels
Length: 14 Days
Pace: Slow to medium
Components: Standing, Barre & Floor

Back pain continues to be on the rise and is the most common condition that affects 80% of people at some point in their lives. The best way to relieve back pain involves gentle movement while stretching and strengthening the entire body. Take control of your well-being with this gentle, rejuvenating program that will create a strong, mobile spine and back, while rebalancing your body- so you can feel pain-free and enjoy your favorite activities!

This specialized program will help you to:
· Improve your posture and mobility
· Boost your energy, endurance and stamina
· Prevent or reduce back, hip, knee and shoulder pain
· Stretch, strengthen and tone your full body
· Increase mobility and facilitate everyday movement
· Boost your vitality and capacity to burn calories

Back Strength
  • Common Causes of Back Pain & Discomfort Workshop

    Episode 1

    Join Miranda Esmonde-White for a 15-minute workshop discussing the common causes of back pain and discomfort, and how to achieve a strong, pain-free back.

  • Rebalancing | Back Strength Program

    Episode 2

    Day 1 | Standing & Floor | 30 min

    Join Miranda Esmonde-White for a workout that will help rebalance your back as you begin to loosen your connective tissue and improve your range of motion.