Age Reversing Workouts

Age Reversing Workouts

9 Episodes

4 workouts (30min. each), Bonus “How-To” Clips (10min)
Components: Standing & Barre, Standing & Floor
Host: Miranda Esmonde-White
Level: Beginner
Pace: Slow
Filmed at: Montreal Science Centre
Language: English
Release date: 2015

Using the technique discussed in Miranda's public television documentary, "Age Reversed". To maintain our youth and vitality we need to remain pain-free, energetic and have correct posture. Miranda's gentle, full-body beginner workouts will help you achieve these goals by unlocking your body, boosting your energy and setting you on the path towards aging backwards.

Discover how to reawaken the power of your 650 muscles and help increase mobility, improve flexibility and build strong bones.

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Age Reversing Workouts
  • Mobility with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 1

    One of the most obvious physical signs of aging is our level of mobility. Low mobility can mean difficulty with daily tasks and movements that once seemed simple. Reduced mobility also limits us from doing some of our favorite activities. Feel and look younger by increasing your range of motion w...

  • Pain Relief with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 2

    Maintaining your physical health and vitality can be difficult when in pain. This mild, full-body workout acts to liberate and soothe your joints and muscles—providing instant pain relief. Maintain a pain-free body by incorporating Essentrics exercises into your daily routine.

    Instructor: Mira...

  • Bone Strengthening with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 3

    As we age, our bones can become weak and brittle. This slow-paced, beginner workout will pump blood into your bones and throughout your entire body. The Essentrics technique strengthens and protects your bones through mild, yet effective, movement.

    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White
    Level: Be...

  • Posture with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 4

    Good posture is not only important for preserving a youthful appearance, but also for our overall health. This gentle and dynamic Essentrics workout will improve your posture and increase mobility not only in your spine but also throughout your entire body.

    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White

  • How to do Exercises When in Pain with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 5

    In this workshop, Miranda explains how to do the workouts when in pain.

  • How to Get The Most Out of Your Workout with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 6

    In this workshop, Miranda explains how to get the most out of your workout.

  • How to Stand Correctly on Your Feet with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 7

    In this workshop, Miranda explains how to stand correctly on your feet.

  • How to Stand with Proper Posture with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 8

    In this workshop, Miranda explains how to stand with proper posture.

  • Neutral C with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 9

    In this workshop, Miranda explains what a "Neutral C" spinal curve is.