5 Days of Barre

5 Days of Barre

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Level: Intermediate – Advanced  
Length: 5 Days
Pace: Medium to Fast 
Components: Standing, Barre and Floor 

Essentrics® draws on many of the lengthening principles used in ballet while similarly including Barre exercises. What makes Essentrics® Barre workouts unique is that they to strengthen and stretch your muscles at various angles—resulting in deeper stretches, higher muscle engagement, and more targeted and elongated toning.

Hosted by Essentrics® Master Trainer Gail Garceau, this 5 Days of Barre program will make you more familiar with Essentrics® Barre workouts and will leave you feeling strong and lean!

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5 Days of Barre
  • Day 1 | Live Class Recording | 5 Days of Barre

    Episode 1

    Components: Standing, Barre & Floor

    This barre/chair workout is designed for all levels to help activate and elongate the muscles in the hips, hamstrings, and spine using a combination of standing, floor, and chair exercises.

  • Body Reshaping & Posture with Amanda Cyr

    Episode 2

    Instructor: Amanda Cyr
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing and Barre
    Objectives: Improve Posture, Connective Tissue, Yoga
    Focus: Full Body, Back, Hamstrings, Pectorals, Chest, shoulders

    This all-level, medium-paced workout is designed to shape and strengthen your entire body an...

  • Arm Blast & Posture Boost with Sahra Esmonde-White

    Episode 3

    Instructor: Sahra Esmonde-White
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing and Barre
    Objectives: Energy Boost, Toning, Strengthening, Weight-loss
    Focus: Abs, Back, Spine, Core, Groin, Legs, Pectorals, Chest, Ribs, Waist

    These simple yet powerful strengthening exercises will work to to...

  • Cardio Workout With Alexa Leon

    Episode 4

    Filmed at Round Hill Hote & Villas
    Instructor: Alexa Leon
    Level: Advanced
    Pace: Fast
    Components: Standing & Barre
    Objectives: Cardio, Toning, Strengthening, Flexibility, Stretching, Improve Posture, Weight-Loss
    Focus: Full Body, Butt, Glutes, Core, Hips, Legs, Shoulders

    This standing and barre r...

  • Day 5 | Live Class Recording | 5 Days of Barre

    Episode 5

    Intermediate | Standing & Barre | 35min.

    This intermediate-level workout is designed to develop deeper flexibility and strength by using the barre/chair exercises to work at more effective angles and target smaller muscles.