30s | Strength and Flexibility

30s | Strength and Flexibility

23 Seasons


Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Pace: Slow to Fast

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Your 30s: The Transformative Years

Create a powerful healthy body that’s in perfect balance, with our 21-Day Strength & Flexibility Challenge for your 30s. This specialized blend of classes will help you activate your posture muscles, build full-body strength and improve your flexibility and mobility so you can feel like your most powerful and healthiest self – in as little as 23 to 30 minutes a day!

30s | Strength and Flexibility
  • Introduction | 30s

    Episode 1

    Welcome to your 30s 21-Day Challenge!

  • Day 1 | Body Reshaping & Posture

    Episode 2

    Instructor: Amanda Cyr
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing and Barre
    Objectives: Improve Posture, Connective Tissue, Yoga
    Focus: Full Body, Back, Hamstrings, Pectorals, Chest, shoulders

    This all-level, medium-paced workout is designed to shape and strengthen your entire body an...