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Watch this video and more on Essentrics TV

30s | Strength and Flexibility

30s Class: Posture & Energy Boost


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  • Season 10 Ep.23: Lengthen & Strengthe...

    Filmed at Silver Sands Jamaica
    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White
    Level: Advanced
    Pace: Medium
    Components: All Standing
    Objectives: Cardio, Toning, Strengthening, Weight loss
    Focus: Full body, Arms, Back, Core, Hands, Wrists, Fingers, Hips, Pectorals, Chest, Ribs, Waist

  • Strength & Flexibility | 30s Challenge

    Standing & Floor | 30 min

    During these exciting and transformative years, your cellular regeneration cycle is hardwired to begin to slow down – although you may not feel it until your mid-thirties it’s important to become aware of this process and incorporate movements that are designed to resto...

  • Core Strength & Tension Release | 30s...

    Standing & Floor | 30 minutes

    Join Lauren for a workout that will target exactly what your body needs as you navigate your 30s. She’ll guide you through challenging exercises that will strengthen your core, improve your posture and release unwanted tension near the neck and shoulders.