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Watch this video and more on Essentrics TV

ADVANCED | Strengthening Series

Season 12 Ep.06: Full Body Strengthening

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  • Arm Blast & Posture Boost with Sahra ...

    Instructor: Sahra Esmonde-White
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing and Barre
    Objectives: Energy Boost, Toning, Strengthening, Weight-loss
    Focus: Abs, Back, Spine, Core, Groin, Legs, Pectorals, Chest, Ribs, Waist

    These simple yet powerful strengthening exercises will work to to...


    Standing & Barre | 30 min

    Today’s live class with Laurissa uses dynamic, elongating movements to build strength into the legs and hips. Stretch, tone, and release with this flowing workout and watch how much easier it is to move throughout your daily life.

    The workout will be made available for...

  • Lower Body Toning with Meg Feeney

    Instructor: Meg Feeney
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing, Barre & Floor

    Objectives: Balance, Increase Energy, Toning, Strengthening, Flexibility
    Focus: Feet, Knees, Hips, Quads, Ankles, Legs, Calf, Groin, Thighs, Butt, Glutes

    Tone your legs, hips and glutes! Join Meg Feeney...