As seen on DVD

  • Aging Backwards: Connective Tissue Workouts

    1 season

    Our connective tissue is a fascinating biological fabric that surrounds every inch of our body; every organ, nerve, bone, and muscle cell. This means that an imbalance or stiffness in one part of your connective tissue will be felt throughout the rest of your body. Each of these workouts will sys...

  • Full Body Workout Vol.3

    1 season

    Unlock your body with this 1-hour deep stretching and strengthening workout. Recommended for all fitness levels. This complete workout is designed to lengthen deep tissue, restore fascia and rebalance your 360 joints for a healthy and flexible body.

  • Body Sculpting Series Vol.2

    1 season

    What is the key to achieving a strong, toned body? The perfect balance of strength, mobility, and flexibility. Each workout in this series will tone, stretch and work your full range of motion. Look longer, leaner, and more toned in just 30 minutes a day!

  • Essentrics Stretch Series Vol. 1

    1 season

    Eliminate joint pain, unlock tight muscles, and rebalance your entire body with these easy-to-follow Essentrics workouts. The combination of standing, floor, and barre routines are effective for all fitness levels. Filmed in beautiful Montego Bay Jamaica with Miranda’s team of Master instructors.

  • Toning For Beginners

    1 season

    Toning For Beginners is a slow to medium paced workout that is easy to follow—guaranteed to stretch and strengthen all of your 650 muscles for a full-body boost!

    We flatten and tone your abs without sit-ups or crunches, tone your arms without weights, define your waist, and create lean, strong...

  • Age Reversing Workouts

    1 season

    Using the technique discussed in Miranda's public television documentary, "Age Reversed". To maintain our youth and vitality we need to remain pain-free, energetic, and have correct posture. Miranda's gentle, full-body beginner workouts will help you achieve these goals by unlocking your body, bo...

  • Barre Workout
    1 season

    Barre Workout

    1 season

    Barre work has been a main component of Essentrics since its inception. Essentrics barre work allows your muscles to strengthen and stretch at more effective angles, resulting in deeper stretches, higher muscle engagement, and more targeted and elongated toning.

    Intuitive and balanced, the Ess...

  • Body Sculpting Series Vol.1

    1 season

    These three full-body workouts are the ultimate body shapers—working fast and efficiently to get you beach-body ready in no time! ESSENTRICS quickly transforms the body through a dynamic and fluid combination of strengthening and stretching. Based on the science of eccentric movement, the muscl...

  • The Ultimate Stretch Workouts

    1 season

    The Ultimate Stretch Workouts are slow to medium-paced and easy to follow—ideal for anyone who is new to Essentrics. Muscle Activation is the perfect morning stretch to get you going; Muscle Release will help you release stress and unwind. The 4 targeted mini-workouts will keep you pain-free and ...

  • Class of 2012 with Sahra Esmonde-White

    A combination of our trademark standing, floor and barre work. This dynamic full body workout will give you a perfect balance of strength and flexibility for a lean and agile body. Our full body workouts help to quickly thin out your waist, legs and thighs, tone your abs, and transform your postu...

  • Strength & Stretch in Motion

    1 season

    Essentrics dynamically stretches and strengthens every muscle in the body, rebalancing the muscular structure in continuous rotational movements. The unique flowing movements of the Essentrics program have been proven to simultaneously slenderize and tone the abs, waist, and back with simple yet ...

  • Pain Relief Workouts

    1 season

    The leading cause of premature aging and long-term disability in the U.S. is chronic pain, an affliction suffered by one in five adults. The sad reality is that most of us have come to accept some form of pain—whether it’s back spasms, throbbing joints or arthritis aches—as a normal, inevitable p...

  • Full Body Toning with Sahra Esmonde-White

    This is a dynamic, 55-minute stretch and strengthening workout based on one of our most popular routines—a must-have for all Essentrics fans!
    This easy to follow, medium-paced workout combines both floor and standing exercises to tone, stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body.

    Often ...

  • Pregnancy Workout

    1 season

    After you have consulted your doctor, try our ESSENTRICS Pregnancy Workout. Hosted by Miranda and Ileana Ripas (pictured above, who taught ESSENTRICS until she was 8 ½ months pregnant), this dynamic full-body workout will keep you fit and help relieve and prevent pregnancy discomforts all nine mo...

  • Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

    1 season

    A message from Miranda

    One of the most under-played repercussions of breast cancer surgery is a condition called lymphedema. (‘elephantitis’) Lymphedema is a condition where the arm swells, like a balloon. Once the condition begins it is almost impossible to reverse. The pain is excruciating ...

  • Arms & Abs, Legs & Butt

    1 season

    Shape, stretch and strengthen all of your 650 muscles and 360 joints with this collection of our bestselling vintage Essentrics/Classical Stretch workouts—filmed at beautiful and exotic locations in Jamaica and Mexico.

  • 30 Minute Express Workouts

    1 season

  • Full Body Workout Vol.2 with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Upper body stretching and strengthening to improve posture, slenderize the waist and torso, increase flexibility and relieve back pain. The lower body floor work focuses on deep stretches for hamstrings, hips, groin, and glutes, as well as stomach and thigh slimming.

    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde...

  • Full Body Workout Vol.1 with Miranda Esmonde-White

    In this full-body workout, a participant will regain this flexibility and automatically improve the look of the entire body: thinner legs, flatter stomachs and relief of overall pain.

    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White
    Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing, Barre, a...

  • Athletes Intense Stretch with Miranda Esmonde-White

    A 45-minute stretch workout that is suitable for intermediate and advanced followers of Classical Stretch. You will notice these workouts will give you the perfect mix of stretch and strength to keep you toned and flexible.

    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium

  • Classical Stretch Season 7: The Health Series

    1 season

    During each workout, Miranda Esmonde-White explains which exercises are most beneficial for relieving related aches and pains and many health conditions using the testimonials as a basic storyline. These TV shows are emotional, inspirational and educational in content bringing awareness of the su...

  • Classical Stretch Season 11: Full Body Mobility

    1 season

    Classical Stretch offers safe and gentle workouts that unlock tight muscles, liberate joints and ensure long-term body health. Each 23-minute episode offers you a full body flexibility, strength and mobility workout aimed at rebalancing every muscle in your body.

    Season 11 of Classical Stretch...

  • Classical Stretch Season 10: Strength and Flexibility

    1 season

    The combination of strong and flexible muscles gives us mobility. Without either, we cannot move. We walk, sit, run, and dress ourselves––all actions that require mobility. Remember that mobility is the expression of human movement and human life.

    In this series, Strength and Flexibility, a ...

  • Classical Stretch Season 9: Weight Loss and Pain Relief

    1 season

    We have discovered that chronic pain and injuries often prevent people from being able to achieve weight loss and body toning. In Season 9 we try to give you a combination of workouts that will relieve pain and tone and strengthen your body.

    The weight loss workouts are fun and challenging a...