Arms & Abs, Legs & Butt

Arms & Abs, Legs & Butt

2 Episodes

Shape, stretch and strengthen all of your 650 muscles and 360 joints with this collection of our bestselling vintage Essentrics/Classical Stretch workouts—filmed at beautiful and exotic locations in Jamaica and Mexico.

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Arms & Abs, Legs & Butt
  • Arms & Abs with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 1

    Combining strengthening with flexibility, this Abs & Arms routine reworks the upper body using Esmonde-White's scientifically developed series of exercises. The dynamic combination of resistance and flexibility creates lean flab-free arms and flatter stomachs. Everyone sees the results with this ...

  • Legs & Butt with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 2

    It will burn and you may groan - but your butt and thighs will become stronger and thinner! Many people have lost up to 3 inches in the first month of doing this workout 3 times per week. Using an original combination of flexibility, strengthening, and scientific tricks, the Esmonde Technique has...