7 Days to Improve your Posture

7 Days to Improve your Posture

7 Episodes

In as little as 7 days, you can improve your posture, boost your metabolism, increase your energy and enhance your vitality. This challenge will increase mobility not only in your spine but also throughout your entire body to make you stand taller and look like you've grown a few inches!

Our posture workouts will help you…  
• Stretch and strengthen all 650 muscles and 360 joints  
• Complement other sports and activities  
• Increase mobility and flexibility  
• Improve alignment and posture  
• Unlock tight, stiff muscles and joints   
• Prevent and treat injuries  
• Maintain healthy muscle cells 
• Liberate and hydrate fascia and connective tissue 

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7 Days to Improve your Posture
  • Body Reshaping & Posture with Amanda Cyr

    Episode 1

    This all-level, medium-paced workout is designed to shape and strengthen your entire body and improve your posture. Through a series of standing and barre exercises, you will work directly with changing the shape of your body by specifically targeting the tissues that surround every muscle. After...

  • Season 11 Ep.02: Posture Workout

    Episode 2

    This standing & barre posture workout, filmed Rivera Maya, Mexico will improve your posture and give you tons of energy.

    Filmed at Grand Palladium Colonial Resort & Spa
    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White
    Level: Beginner
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing and Barre
    Objectives: Cycling/Spinning, Fl...

  • Season 10 Ep.03: Spine Stretch for Posture

    Episode 3

    In this episode of Classical Stretch, join Miranda Esmonde-White in the beautiful gardens of Jamaica. Miranda will take you through stretches that will increase the flexibility in your back and improve your posture in this all-standing workout.

    Filmed at Silver Sands Jamaica
    Instructor: Miranda...

  • Arm Blast & Posture Boost with Sahra Esmonde-White

    Episode 4

    Instructor: Sahra Esmonde-White
    Level: Intermediate
    Pace: Medium
    Components: Standing and Barre
    Objectives: Energy Boost, Toning, Strengthening, Weight-loss
    Focus: Abs, Back, Spine, Core, Groin, Legs, Pectorals, Chest, Ribs, Waist

  • Posture & Spine with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 5

    Miranda’s latest 25-minute all standing workout is designed to strengthen the muscles of your back while decompressing your spine. This series of full-body movements will improve your posture and will release tension throughout your entire body, leaving you feeling looser and more energized.


  • Posture with Miranda Esmonde-White

    Episode 6

    Good posture is not only important for preserving a youthful appearance, but also for our overall health. This gentle and dynamic Essentrics workout will improve your posture and increase mobility not only in your spine but also throughout your entire body.

    Instructor: Miranda Esmonde-White

  • Season 12 Ep.24: Upper Body Pain Relief

    Episode 7

    To relieve upper body pain you must stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body. This Classical Stretch workout set in Montego Bay, Jamaica will liberate your entire body while focusing on your shoulders, back, and neck – leaving you completely pain-free.

    Filmed at Round Hill Hotels and Vil...